LP Sleeves

LP Sleeves

10 pcs. , 330 mm x 325 mm x 0


Manufactured in high quality in Denmark
  • Best quality on the market: (0.18 mm - 180 ?m)
  • 5 year warranty
  • Extra strong quality weldings
  • Protect both single and dual LPs
  • Manufactured in high quality in Denmark
  • The best quality on the market (0.18 mm - 180 µm)
  • 5 year warranty
  • Extra strong, nice quality welds

Country of Origin
LP Sleeves

PVC (polyvinylchloride)
Material Thickness
120 μ

330 mm
325 mm

Product description

LP storage: optimal protection and storage of LP discs

Our LP sleeves for LP storage are made in the market's most powerful and strongest quality: 0.18 mm (180 ?m).

The sleeves give you the ultimate protection of your precious single and double LP discs, and are optimal for LP storage.

Memories deserves optimal protection

To us, LP records are not only music but also valuable memories and a passion that deserves optimal protection.

With our LP sleeves, you get maximum color rendering, with minimal glare, avoiding scratches and damage to the cover.

Extra reinforced weldings

The LP sleeves are made with soft, neat and discreet quality welds, as well as extra reinforced corners for extra strength throughout the life of the pocket.

This way you avoid cutting your pocket, scratching your covers when enjoying your record collection.

The strong corner weldings also ensures that the LP disc and cover do not slip inadvertently out of the pocket during transport.

The antistatic properties of the product counteract the collapse of the cover and LP pocket, so your collection is not destroyed.

No more yellow and cracked pockets

The high quality of our LP pockets ensures long life and durability for both the LP cover and the pocket.

The plastic foil composition (components) ensures discoloration ('yellowing' of pocket and cover), as well as cracking of the pocket itself - also after many years of use.

LP pockets with 5 year warranty

We are so confident in our product that we provide a 5 year warranty if the product breaks down during normal use.
It is your assurance that our product meets our high quality requirements.

Our LP pockets for LP storage and LP protection are therefore the optimal solution for you that will not compromise on quality.

LP storage with space for both single and dual LPs

Our LP pockets can contain both single and double LPs.

LP The sleeve measures 330 x 325 mm.

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