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Storage box for DVD, CD and Blu-ray sleeves

1 pcs. Black, 290 mm x 185 mm x 260 mm

Experience the ultimate storage solution for DVDs, CDs, and Blu-Ray with our convenient, sturdy, and stylish storage box. Handmade with precision at our own factory, it guarantees years of reliable use. Its lightweight, modern design seamlessly fits into any home. Stores approximately 80 sleeves.

  • Manufactured in high quality in Denmark
  • Fits DVD, CD and Blu-ray sleeves
  • Handmade at our own factory
  • For approx. 80 pockets

Country of Origin

Material Thickness
800 μ

290 mm
185 mm
260 mm

Product description

Introducing our DVD Storage Box: The Ultimate Solution for Your Collection

The DVD/CD/Blu-Ray storage box is a convenient, sturdy and stylish box for storing your DVDs, CDs and Blu-Rays.

It is handmade at our own factory and manufactured in very high quality, ensuring many years of use.

Sleek, Sturdy, and Stylish Design
Our DVD/CD Storage Box boasts a lightweight, modern design that seamlessly blends into any home decor. Its simplicity and elegance make it a perfect fit for your living room, bedroom, or entertainment area. Say goodbye to clutter and hello to a neat and organized collection.

Effortless Access to Your Favorites
Tired of searching through piles of discs to find the movie or album you're looking for? Our CD/DVD Storage Box makes browsing a breeze. With easy access to all your discs, you'll quickly locate your desired entertainment, saving you valuable time and eliminating frustration.

Space-Saving Solution
Consolidate your entire collection in one central location and reclaim your space. Our DVD and CD Storage Box efficiently stores approximately 80 pockets, accommodating a variety of DVDs, CDs, and Blu-rays. The actual capacity may vary depending on the amount of dics in each pocket and extra materials included.

Crafted for Durability and Quality
Proudly manufactured in Denmark, our DVD, CD, and Blu-ray Storage Box exemplifies exceptional craftsmanship. Using durable and environmentally friendly materials, it offers unrivaled robustness and resistance to protect your valuable collection. Both the interior and exterior of the box are surface-treated to prevent scratches and maintain its pristine appearance.

Discover the ultimate convenience and elegance in DVD storage with our carefully crafted DVD Storage Box. Say goodbye to the hassle of searching for your favorite movies and music and welcome a clutter-free, organized entertainment experience. Order yours today and transform your collection.

Sleeves/Pockets are not included. They must be purchased separately.

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