Jalema Grip, 1200 mm

1 pcs. Grey, 41 mm x 16 mm x 1200 mm



Smart-looking aluminum presentation rail available in any size. 

  • Documents can be inserted and removed with one hand.
  • Presenting documents in an organized and professional way.
  • Suitable for documents from A7 to A0.
  • Endlessly expandable by hanging multiple Jalema Grip next to each other.

Country of Origin


41 mm
16 mm
1200 mm

Product description

No more overflowing memo boards, chaotic bulletin boards or cluttered notice boards. Not only is the Jalema Grip more convenient and efficient, this aluminium presentation rail is also exceptionally smart-looking

  • Shockproof aluminium profile.
  • Mechanism with plastic rollers.
  • Ends of profile are neatly finished with black caps.
  • Documents can be inserted and removed with one hand.
  • These end caps have a special notch, allowing any paper size to fit, even when it is larger than the width of the Jalema Grip itself.
  • Endlessly expandable by hanging multiple Jalema Grip next to each other.
  • The Jalema Grip is available in 340 mm, 600 mm, 900 mm, 1200 mm, 2400 mm.
  • Comes with screws and self-adhesive tape.
  • There are 3 lengths also available with magnetic attachment (340 mm, 900 mm and 1200 mm).

In and out with a simple hand movement

  • IN; paper of all shapes and sizes can be easily slid into the Jalema Grip behind the rollers. Once inserted, paper cannot fall out.
  • OUT; pulling the paper 90˚ toward you pulls the paper out without any damage.

Jalema Grip, available in any size
We can also customise the Jalema Grip for you. This is possible from 100 items per length.

Some practical examples:

  • In the office, for memos and info bulletins.
  • At home, for posters and shopping lists.
  • At school, for drawings and projects.
  • In production areas, for timesheets, schedules and production statistics.
  • In conference rooms, for flip chart sheets and drawings.
  • At architectural firms, for floor plans and designs.
  • In advertising agencies, for presentations and proposals.
  • In washrooms and toilet areas, for cleaning timetable.

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