Soft Cord Lanyard, with Swivel Hook and Key Ring

10 pcs. Black, x x


Country of Origin

PET (polyethylene terephthalate)

Product description

Tarifold offers a large selection of discreet soft cord lanyards for easy fastening and quick access to ID badges and ID card holders all day long.

Product description:

  • Soft thin cord lanyard with breakaway safety clip and 2 black accessories.
  • Double accessories include split key ring (25mm outer diam.) and swivel trigger hook.
  • Available in 5 standard colours: black, blue, red, green, yellow.
  • And 5 FUN colours: white, turquoise, purple, raspberry and lime green.

Unique selling points:

  • Soft colourful neck wear to help keep badges handy at all times.
  • Designed to hang in the perfect spot for displaying photo ID or credentials.
  • Breakaway lanyard for added safety.
  • Combines with any badge type thanks to its double accessories.
  • Attach a badge plus any other item frequently used (i.e keys).
  • Attach a reel onto the split key ring for extra accessories and extra-long flexibility.
  • Mix and match lanyards with any Tarifold badge holder.
  • Standard coloured lanyards match perfectly with our colour badge holders for a coordinated look.
  • Spice things up with our original FUN colour assortment.


  • For use in businesses as employee identification holders.

Technical characteristics:

  • Soft 5mm diameter polyester cord.
  • 46cm long.


  • Packaged in hangable original Doypack pouches of 10 pcs.
  • 12 units overpackaged in Kraft box 370 x 275 x 145 mm.

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