Tree-Free Range

Folders made without trees?! Yes! An easy way to contribute to a sustainable world is by using Tree-Free folders made of agricultural waste.

We believe in a sustainable future and chooses PaperWise’s pioneering cardboard to get there.

We therefore announce the launch of the Tree-Free folder range made from agricultural waste. As the name clearly states, no trees are used to produce our Tree-Free folders. They contain 0% of trees. The fibers in the Paperwise cardboard are instead 100% replaced by agricultural waste.

In the agricultural sector, only 20% of agricultural crops are currently used for food production. The remaining 80% are often discarded as waste. In developing countries, most agricultural waste is burned in the open air. This causes an unnecessary amount of CO₂ to be released into the atmosphere which contrinutes to global warming.

The most important raw material needed to make cardboard is cellulose. Agricultural waste also contains cellulose. Therefore, agricultural waste can be given a second life to make environmentally friendly and sustainable cardboard, as Paperwise has chosen to do.

By using PaperWise cardboard for the Tree-Free folder, Jalema helps organizations become more sustainable. This type of cardboard has 47% less impact on the environment than FSC® cardboard made of wood fibers. It also has a 29% lower environmental impact than recycled cardboard.

With this new way of producing cardboard, PaperWise makes it possible to use ecofriendly cardboard from agricultural waste for sustainable printing, packaging, and office supplies. The sustainable PaperWise cardboard is indistinguishable from traditional cardboard. It also contributes to greater biodiversity and reduces CO₂ emissions.

Are you interested in making your organization more sustainable and achieving environmental goals? Check out our Tree-Free folders!


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